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Financial Planning

“If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you know when you have arrived?” Financial planning is a process designed to define your unique financial goals and identify your concerns. We then develop a comprehensive and sophisticated financial model customized to help you achieve your goals. Our process contains six steps:

  1. Establish and define the advisor-client relationship
  2. Determine your goals and gather quantitative and qualitative data
  3. Analyze and evaluate the data
  4. Develop and present a plan
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Monitor the plan

We take a 360 degree approach to financial planning. We evaluate and coordinate all areas of your financial plan which includes Insurance, Investments, Taxes, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning Strategies and Asset protection strategies. We utilize this financial model as a “what if” machine to project the potential interrelationships of future expenses, asset values, income sources, investment results, taxes, inflation, life expectancies and all the other lifestyle issues you will face.

Investment Management

We offer a wider range of investments than most firms, by using the whole menu of available investments, not just stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We strive to help our clients understand, evaluate and blend a combination of investments selected to align with their goals. The techniques and processes we use as we build and manage your portfolio of assets include, but are not limited to:

  • Low Volatility Portfolio Mix
  • Dollar cost averaging, risk tolerance assessments and risk management
  • Portfolio evaluation, historical returns analysis and standard deviation
  • Manager evaluation, selection and monitoring
  • Non-traditional, non-market-correlated alternative investments
  • Tax preferenced investments
  • Third party money managers in a unified managed account

The challenge for every investor is to recognize that with the potential of higher returns comes the possibility of increased fluctuation in portfolio value. Within the framework of your financial plan, we work to maximize return while managing your tolerance for risk.

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning focuses on clients who are fast approaching or have already reached retirement. It is at this time when their assets are needed to generate income. The need to protect and preserve principal, while staying ahead of inflation, presents special challenges. Tax efficiency is also important as our clients’ access both taxable and tax-advantaged “buckets” for supplemental income. Our goal is to develop a personalized plan to provide a stable and predictable lifetime income.

Tax Reduction Strategies

We haven’t met one person who likes paying taxes. Our clients want to know what strategies they can use to reduce their taxes now and over their lifetime. We have found that in most instances, people are not aware of tax-saving strategies that are available to them We explore all reasonable ideas to help minimize tax and be more efficient. We receive continual training and are a member of the Master Elite Advisors associated with Ed Slott and Company, a national group of top tier advisors who focus on IRAs and taxes.

Asset Protection Strategies

We are all aware that there are an abundance of lawsuits and liabilities that threaten taking our assets from us in the wrong circumstances. Most people don't know how to protect themselves and their assets from these liabilities. We review for clients the best combination of strategies from types of proteced assets, structure of assets and liability insurance to help mitigate the risk of losing their hard-earned money unnecessarily.

Insurance Planning

We find that this is often an area of confusion and complexity with too many options and too many voices offering their opinions. We simplify this area with a needs-based approach that clarifies what coverage is needed. Then we shop the insurance market for the products that best fit the needs and are cost efficient. We believe our independence, knowledge and experience allows us to provide our clients with a service not easily replicated by other firms.

Estate Analysis

After understanding your family situation and your financial and legacy objectives, with the help of an attorney, we review your estate planning documents to see if they match your objectives. If not, recommendations for adjustments are provided through collaboration of our team and the attorney. Our mission is to help simplify the process of making an estate plan and coordinate with an attorney to minimize the communication gap.

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